Which aircraft should I choose?


The air travel sector is constantly changing and business aviation is still a mysterious world for many.

These days, chartering a private jet is no longer seen as a flight of fancy and has become an affordable solution for frequent flyers, business class passengers and those who travel to cities rarely served by regular airlines. The trip priorities will be defined by your requirements and both by the airlines’ schedules or seat availability.

Which aircraft shall I choose?

This is a common question when it comes to planning a trip whether it is for business or for leisure.

Private Jets are usually classified into eight different categories based on performance, cabin size and range. Choosing the right aircraft model for your next private flight to your favorite destination can be complicated. Sometimes you may need a higher passenger capacity, sometimes you might be looking for speed and range to fly further away or simply require an aircraft with a baggage hold capable of carrying the luggage that you need.

There are hundreds of options to choose from and our objective is to help you find the aircraft that best suits your needs.

In our online private aircraft guide you will find detailed information about the various categories and some of the most frequently used private aircraft models worldwide. You may see interior and exterior images and download aircraft factsheets in PDF.

Wondering how much each aircraft costs?

Have a look at our online private jet search engine or download our App Europair Jets for instant price indications directly from your smartphone.

Private jet guide

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