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Private jet Charter Majorca

Majorca, Europair’s home base, is probably Europe’s top summer hotspot and every year thousands of well-heeled travellers head to the island’s luxury hotels and fine-dining establishments for their holidays. The options are endless, from pristine beaches to wine tasting sessions, from high-end shopping to world-class golf courses.

What better way to start a luxury vacation in this amazing Mediterranean island than flying by private jet?

Europair, Essentially Majorca’s private charter broker, is already warming up the engines for what will surely be another record-breaking season.

A private jet charter is the most convenient and personalised way to get to Majorca and neighbouring islands or for island-hopping holidays across the Mediterranean. It is definitely the epitome of end-to-end luxury and a hassle-free travel experience.

Europair provides access to thousands of private jets throughout Europe to arrange on-demand charter flights. An experienced team of charter specialists is always on hand to help the travellers choose every detail of their flight, from aircraft types to onboard service, from ground transfers to flight connections. Travellers can lay back knowing that Europair will be there to follow up on every technical detail throughout the journey.

For your next trip to Majorca, choose the peace of mind of entrusting the organisation of your flight to an experienced and knowledgeable expert. Europair has been arranging charter flights throughout Europe for over 25 years and has the experience and technical know-how to create a unique flight experience to suit your needs.

Are you coming from overseas?

Availability of nonstop longhaul flights to Majorca is quite limited and connecting at Europe’s major airports can be a hassle. Why not fly with your preferred scheduled airline to one of Europe’s major hubs (such as Madrid or Barcelona) and let Europair take care of the connection? Private flight schedules can be arranged so as to easily connect with longhaul flights to Europe, enabling passengers coming from overseas to reach their final destination in an exclusive and seamless way.

How to book a private jet to Majorca?

To make the search and booking process fast and easy, we have invested heavily in technology. For this reason we are especially proud of having been awarded by Essentially Majorca as Best Digital Ambassador.

Europair Jets App

You may download our Europair Jets app at the iTunes store to search, compare and reserve a private jet with total autonomy and discretion from your iPhone or iPad.

Our online private jet search engine allows you to pre-view private jet availabilities and price estimates for your route and directly send us an enquiry from your computer or mobile device, 24/7.

You may also contact us by e-mail to receive expert advice or a custom quote.  


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