Flying with pets


For many of us, pets are like a member of the family and we simply cannot spend time away from them during the holidays. Our clients often enquire about how to travel by plane with pets, especially in the summer season.

Flying with pets on scheduled flights

Most airlines accept pets on board but they may have to travel in a separate section of the aircraft according to their breed, size and weight. Not all pets are allowed to travel in the aircraft cabin and in many cases, they will need to travel in the aircraft hold inside a special kennel. For this reason, it is very important to keep in mind the airline’s policies and the relevant national laws whenever you are planning to travel with your pet.

Anyhow, travelling with a pet always requires some preparation and can turn out to be a rather stressful experience for both the owner and the pet.

Flying with pets by private jet

Flying by private jet is an alternative to travel together with our dear friends comfortably and conveniently:

  • The pet will never leave your side, travelling in the aircraft cabin
  • More space and comfort during the flight, with the reassuring presence of the owner
  • Personalised service for both the owner and the pet
  • Access to less-crowded and quieter executive terminals
  • Nonstop routes to any destination
  • Less stress and excitement for the pet

Like regular passengers, pets need to have proper travel documentation. In addition to the standard rules normally accepted within the EU, each country has their own requirements that need to be considered when planning your trip.

Europair will advise you about the required documents and we will take care of all those little details to make sure that your flight with your pets is comfortable and stress-free.

Our top 5 tips to fly with your pet:

  • Apply for or update your EU PET PASSPORT
  • Make sure that your pet has a microchip
  • Visit your Vet to update all shots, vaccinations and boosters
  • Inform your broker about the weight, size, age and breed of your pet
  • Take your pet for a nice long walk before the flight, so that they may relax and be prepared for the flight.

But, most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the flight!

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