Europair launches its new private jet guide

Europair Private Jet GuideWhich aircraft fits best? This is a common question among our clients when it comes to planning their trip.

The choice of the ideal aircraft for each situation and itinerary depends on individual preferences and some crucial factors such as number of passengers, length of journey, travel date, airport and runway characteristics, volume and weight of luggage, preferences regarding cabin size or layout and onboard services.

Europair has preferential access to a very diverse fleet of aircraft of any type and size worldwide. From small turboprops to large VIP airliners, there are hundred of options to choose from and our aim is to help our clients find the perfect aircraft match.

For this reason we have recently created a comprehensive private jet guide. It provides an overview of different categories and models of popular business jets available for worldwide charter flights. Each fact sheet is available for download and contains aircraft specifications and performance details, interior and exterior images, floorplans and cross sections.


Email us for more information or just click here to get an online charter quote. Our experienced aviation specialists will help you choose the aircraft that meets your requirements.

Fly smarter, fly charter!

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