Another positive summer season for Europair

Miguel ComasThe end of the year is approaching and it is now time for us to finalize the analysis of the 2015 summer season. For this reason, we decided to ask our Ops team to shed some light about our flights last summer. The Ops Team is in charge of flight preparation and follow-up, let’s see what our Operations Director, Miguel Comas, has got to say.

Miguel, how was this year’s summer season for Europair?

We are very satisfied with the results of the summer operations. As expected, it has been a very positive season with about 1100 sectors flown.

Compared with last year, we have seen roughly a 30% increase in demand. In particular, we are very pleased with the growth rates in business aviation. It looks like this sector is ready to kick off once again, boosted by the first signs of economic recovery, an increased willingness to travel by companies looking for business abroad and, of course, the seemingly unstoppable growth of Spain’s appeal as a tourist destination.

Which destinations did we fly to this summer?

As far as charter series are concerned, the typical “sun and sand” destinations have been the stars of the season. Among them – needless to say – was our home market in Spain, with the Balearic Islands being one of the most popular destinations. Other countries where we have had frequent operations are Italy, Greece and our neighbours in France.


private jet summer


What were the most memorable flights of the summer?

There are multiple reasons why our clients choose to operate charter flights with us and for this reason every flight is completely different. This summer has been particularly interesting for us, as we have operated a very wide range of flights.

With regards to sports events, for example, in May we carried Sevilla F.C.’s fans to Warsaw to celebrate their team’s victory in the Europa League. Likewise, in September we had the pleasure of organizing private charter flights for an event as exclusive as the Golden Foot Award in Montecarlo.

Throughout the summer we have operated several flights for authorities, celebrities and high-profile guests. At Europair we are used to working according to our clients’ requirements, protocols and expectations, by taking care of all the details and making sure the flight goes as planned.

Finally, it is worth to mention that the summer season is the time when more people require our services to fly with their pets. Nowadays there is an increasing number of people who do not want to give up their best friends’ company during the holidays and choose to fly by private jet to minimize stress.

The role of my Ops Department in these cases is to advise our clients regarding the relevant paperwork and technical details, in order to make sure that the flight is pleasant for both the owner and the pet.


private jets and pets


Was there any flight that you particularly enjoyed preparing? Any funny story?

You see, I am a very passionate about classical music. It was a real pleasure for me to handle the special flight for a group of 125 musicians of an important orchestra, travelling between Spain and Italy.

Regardless, the most unique request that we received this summer must have been the transportation of two very important boxes from South Africa to Argentina. What was the content? Two giraffes!

Now that summer is over, does it mean that you can finally relax and put your feet up?

Our business is very seasonal and luckily we almost never have the chance to get bored, as the winter season is a busy time for tourism in the Canary Islands. Moreover, there is a lot of activity for incentive travel and corporate events. Private Jets are also heavily demanded for the winter holidays. We are looking forward to this beautiful season!

Thank you very much Miguel!

Happy winter to everyone!

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